The irony is . . .

Going back to Leap Day 2012. I serve as the parent representative for our school on the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC). I attended the February 29, 2012 meeting where the theme was Legislation Advocacy. Our Superintendent wants to start a Parent Legislation Advocacy group whereby parents would contact state leaders regarding education in our district. I could not jump up quick enough or raise my hand high enough to volunteer for this committee. If I could yell “pick me pick me pick me,” during this professionally run meeting, I sure would have. Needless to say, after the meeting I told our superintendent to count me in to be a part of this group, I left out the “pick me” portion of my enthusiasm.  Who would have thought that 3 hours later I would arrive home to check my email and have received my selection as a Mom Congress Delegate for Parenting Magazine. The Leap Year planets were all in alignment.



About Today, Tomorrow & Mom Forever

I am the proud mom of two beautiful, empathetic and highly intelligent children. On a daily basis, they rock my world. My philosophy, as a parent, I have one opportunity to do right by my children. My passion, to provide them with a loving and nurturing environment where compassion, passion and education are the building blocks to life. As parents, we are our children's advocates, therefore, united, we are one voice for our children. I write from the heart coupled with facts and research. Life is short, too short to get caught up in drama. To quote my hero, Eleanor Roosevelt, super mom and advocate: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.”
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2 Responses to The irony is . . .

  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Please pass along the fact that teachers across America enter classrooms everyday with a warm and friendly smile prepared for the many multi-faceted challenges we meet. With strength unbeknownst to us sometimes, we return the next day to do it all over again. Why? Because we love what we d! When you love – you care. When you care – you act. When you act – you are demonstrating the love of the One who enables us to inspire young minds towards greatness. Congrats again and you go Rose Acres representative.

    • Thank you Mrs. Robinson! I will pass on that the compassion and passion teachers have for our children, day in and day out is priceless. Thank you for all you do for our kids to make them the future of tomorrow and give them bright futures!


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