The road to DC takes a detour for now . . .

Caught your attention, huh? As a mom, albeit, few and far between, we are afforded our moments where we stand out for one reason or another, on our own, not on the accomplishments of our children. Needless to say, being chosen as a Mom Congress Delegate is certainly one of those times. However, how quickly do we moms fall back into the regular routine of being the chef, chauffer, cheerleader, quicker-picker-upper, negotiator, etc. etc. etc. even after experiencing an unprecedented moment.

The day after finding out about Mom Congress, my mom euphoria took a detour to Science Fair. Both of my children competed with projects on Soil Erosion (my son) and Volcanoes (my daughter). My son’s project will continue on to the regional science fair. My daughter’s will not, hence where the quicker-picker-upper job comes in, that is, “Quick, pick her up off the floor, calm her down and let her know how proud we are of her hard work.” Then go buy ice cream.

Over the weekend both of my children swam in their district swim championships. According to the t-shirt I was wearing, on day one I was “Swim Mom” and on day two I was “Platinum Mom.” At least I knew who I was based on my apparel. However, as excited as I am about Mom Congress, for the Science Fair and the weekend long swim championship, I was MOM, just mom (oh and chef, chauffer, cheerleader, quicker-picker-upper, negotiator, etc. etc. etc.).

It is amazing how, no matter what I accomplish, what I do or where I go (so now I am sounding like a Dr. Seuss book), I will always be MOM. And well, being MOM is what landed me the selection as a delegate for Mom Congress. Motherhood definitely has its perks amidst the chaos of life.

As a mom, taking the time to celebrate the moments (big or small), can be difficult because multi-tasking is time consuming. I am excited about Mom Congress and the opportunity of a lifetime I will get to experience, but most of all, I’m just excited to be mom.



About Today, Tomorrow & Mom Forever

I am the proud mom of two beautiful, empathetic and highly intelligent children. On a daily basis, they rock my world. My philosophy, as a parent, I have one opportunity to do right by my children. My passion, to provide them with a loving and nurturing environment where compassion, passion and education are the building blocks to life. As parents, we are our children's advocates, therefore, united, we are one voice for our children. I write from the heart coupled with facts and research. Life is short, too short to get caught up in drama. To quote my hero, Eleanor Roosevelt, super mom and advocate: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.”
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