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Raising Kids is Hard . . . Raising a daughter is Harder

In the world of girls, their friendships, their social status, their thoughts are taken very serious within their social circles and when there is an imbalance, emotions can run very high. It is not surprising how they envelop themselves in … Continue reading

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How Do Women and Girls Handle Conflict and Aggression?

Recently, I read the book “Odd Girl Out,” by Rachel Simmons which discusses how girls handle aggression and conflict in social situations. However, could we apply these same premises and definitions of aggression to women as well? According to Simmons, … Continue reading

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A Letter to my Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! It has been a very busy time in my life and I have been way behind on my posts. The following was written back in February, however, I chose to wait to publish it until Mother’s … Continue reading

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How do I want to raise my daughter?

A blog or so ago I asked how do we combat hatred? Again, there is not a clear cut answer. What happens when a parent is the target of hatred and hostility by other parents?  If a child is exposed … Continue reading

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How do we overcome hate?

I have updated my blog. How do we overcome hate?

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. . . I keep going

A friend of mind sent me this excerpt from the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson with a brief note attached to it that simply said, “Stay strong.” As I read the excerpt I wondered if it would … Continue reading

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THE FACT FINDING MISSION . . .. Where are the presidential candidates on education?

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